Built at the edges of Lake Pamvotis, Ioannina is a beautiful traditional town that combines in a unique way the historical memories with the reality of a contemporary town. It is the town of legend, tradition and silver makers. In the green waters of the Lake, the legendary tales of Ali- Pasha and Kira-Frosini take life, while in the traditional alleyways of the Castle the memories of Byzantine past and yesterday’s history are dominant. The district of Ioannina is a breathtakingly beautiful mountainous region on the northwest extremes of Greece where the physical environment and the rich cultural inheritance have remained unaffected by the rapid and often irrational development of the modern age. For lovers of nature the region is a paradise: awe-inspiring mountain ranges with deep ravines carved out by gushing crystal clear streams, rare wild flowers, mountain lakes and wooded hillsides with hidden meadows reminiscent of the Alps combine to create a perfect natural environment that provides an ideal habitat for rare species of animals, birds and aquatic mammals. Together with the delight of its varied natural beauty, the region offers endless opportunities for all kinds of sport to those who seek adventure. At the same time however the area abounds with silent and relaxing havens for those wishing to leave the stresses and pressures of the modern world far behind them. The region is rich with religious and archaeological monuments, which bear physical witness to its bright and fascinating history. The past is also reflected everywhere in the traditional homes, watermills and bridges found all over the region and in the ancient customs and traditional music with which the inhabitants continue to celebrate their way of life.

Ioannina is a city full of life and energy and due to the fact that it is the biggest town in Epirus, offers amazingly intense night life. The locals are on foot day and night and they claim that the secret of their energy and nice mood is resulting out of the affect of the “Magical” powers of Lake Pamvotis. So when the night falls over the city and the stars begin to be reflected on the surface of the lake, the lights in clubs and bars are lit and are inviting everyone in for an all night long fun…

Nightlife in this city starts quite early with a coffee or just a cocktail in the central square and goes on until dawn at the bars in Anexartisias street, Kallari street and at the area “Skala” by the lake, all of which can offer delicious food, too.

The Entertaining park near the lake offers a complex of 6 cinema halls where a lot of high quality first screening films are on.

In the same complex there is also a super modern Bowling alley, restaurants, coffee bars, a beerhouse, an internet cafe, billiards (pools) etc.

In the summer months there are 3 swimming pools for your rest and relaxation.

Two music halls with different musical events are held on a weekly basis.

Just outside Ioannina, Perama is the area of many night clubs which offer live music till morning hours.

The options offered are limitless and surely can satisfy even the most demanding.


Castle: Most of today’s castle of Ioannina was built during Turkish rule and within it there are older, Byzantine buildings. Inside the castle there are two acropolis. In the north-east Acropolis the Royal estates of the Byzantine sovereigns were built. Today at the top, Aslan Pasha’s mosque dominates (1618).

Ioannina Island:The island of Pamvotis Lake is today one of the most picturesque sites in Ioannina combining natural beauty with rich historical tradition. It was a big religious and monastic centre during late Byzantine times and Turkish occupation, a fact manifested today by the monastery’s great artistic and historical value.

Panteleimon Church: The church was founded in the 15th C. Today’s temple is a result of restoration done in 19th C. To the south one sees the cell where Ali-Pasha was murdered; here, one finds today the Museum of Pre-Revolutionary Capitals Era. Another cell to the north provides a home to the library and minutes of the Island’s Monasteries. Other Monasteries that may be visited include Strati- gopoulou Monastery, Prodromos Monastery, Eleousa Monastery and the Monastery of Metamorphosis of Sotiras.




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